Born in 1971 in Paris, I grew up in Munich and the South of France. Since my childhood my mother’s work as painter and portrait painter always fascinated me. She taught me very soon the painting knife technique and and the water colour technique and encouraged my passion for the painting.

I am a graduate in law and political sciences and used to work in the field of Human Resources and Communication. My study and career are significant in the development of my work as painter and trainer. Thanks them I keep sure independence in aid of my creativity.

The years I spent in Paris and Nice have been a very formative time and keep on being my favourite source of inspiration. My paintings reflect a world with warm and contrasted colours. My Italian origin loves to express itself with a strong painting knife work effect and a varying mix of techniques.

As certified professional art trainer I developped my own art classes “Atelier Sophia” for children and art workshops for adults, companies and schools.