I was Born in Paris 1971 and grew up between Munich and the South of France. My mother’s work as painter always fascinated me and from an early age I was fortunate that she taught me knife painting techniques and always encouraged my passion for painting and art.

As graduate in law and political sciences I worked in the field of Human Resources and Communication before embarking on studies in Art History. Both my studies and my former career were significant in the development of my work as painter and as a Trainer, thankfully I have always had the ability to stay close to creativity and my professional experiences allowed me to take decisions on new concepts and new developments while staying true to my art.

The years I spent in Paris and Nice had a great influence on me and these cities and memories remain some of my favorite sources of inspiration. Through my art, I love to reflect a world filled with contrasts… and surely my Italian origin expresses itself with strong knife painting work and varying mix of techniques.

I am convinced of the positive effects of art on people and because of this, I have developped the concept of art decoration projects for private or work places.

My Passion for art and my commitment to touch as many People as possible with the art bug as lead me to develop my own art classes for children “Atelier Sophia” and to offer Workshops and art Projects to companies and Schools as a certified professional art Trainer.